The Springfield Kindergarten
Where Knowledge Begins

The Curriculum

We follow an independent curriculum that is designed to meet the requirement for admission in the first grade in all English medium schools. The curriculum focuses on the following core areas:

English Language (development of communication skills)
a)    Communication Skills - Listening and Speaking
b)    Reading and Writing Alphabets, words, sentences
c)    Songs and Poetry recitation

Math (development of analytical skills)
d)    Learning numbers, additions and subtractions
e)    Logical Thinking and Problem solving

Science (expanding the knowledge base)
f)    Basic concepts of science including Plants, Animals, Universe etc

General Knowledge (expanding the knowledge base)
g)    Awareness creation about the self and surroundings

Art and Craft Coordination between mind and muscles
h)    Drawing and Colouring : Large muscles used for co-ordination
i)    Writing - small muscles used for writing
j)    Games and physical activities