The Springfield Kindergarten
Where Knowledge Begins

About Us

At THE SPRINGFIELD KINDERGARTEN we provide spacious, stimulating, beautiful welcoming environment which gives a secure foundation for all children to become happy, confident, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a lifelong love of learning. We are very proud of our lovely school and hearty welcome all visitors.


Our vision is providing very stimulating and inspiring environment to young kids, along with the essential educational and social inputs and guidance, to lay a solid foundation for academic and personal development, to produce well groomed students to meet the tough challenges of the formal education in the years to come.

In TSK, our idea of child development is not just kids memorizing the educational matter for the sake of getting higher marks for proceeding to higher classes, but of passing from one stage of independence to a higher level, by means of their own activity and efforts. We make use of their desire and curiosity to learn more about their surrounding and their natural ability to absorb knowledge easily if presented in suitable structure.