The Springfield Kindergarten
Where Knowledge Begins

Extra-curricular Activities

a)    Games : Playing outdoor games is a daily activity for all the kids in the kindergarten. Every day they play in a shaded area with various outdoor toys specially arranged for this activity.

b)    Show and Tell activity : Once in a month  a Show and Tell activity is arranged where a child brings anything of his interest from home and speaks few sentences about it.

c)    External Field Trips: An annual visit to the Doha Zoo is an ideal outing for kids where they have fun and learn about various animals too.

d)    Group Singing: Kids love to sing and dance together while learning the rhymes and poems.

e)    Art and Craft : This activity helps the child in hand co-ordination and the hidden talents are exposed. We will provide all the materials for this. Depending on the age of the child, this activity will be taught on a one on one basis. The activity will comprise of cutting pasting sticking etc, which will improve the child's imagination and hand co-ordination.